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Service and Payment

The Customer hereby agrees to engage Joanna’s Bridal to provide the Customer with services consisting of designing and creating a wedding gown/ garment and all associated items required as detailed on your invoice.

The service will commence upon payment of the non-refundable deposit detailed on invoice and the service will be completed before the agreed date (date of wedding/event).


Upon receiving the non-refundable deposit this shall be used as pre-payment for the main quantities of fabrics to secure the agreed colours and design and will secure you into my schedule. Please bear in mind any material costs quoted are estimates and may be subject to change. They are given as a guide only to allow you to plan your budget.

Upon completion of the service, payment is expected to be received in full before any goods are released. The Customer will be notified and invoiced before the agreed date of completion. The customer will also be expected to pay for the additional cost of materials, haberdashery and sundries detailed in the final invoice.


Under no circumstances will Joanna’s Bridal release goods until payment has been received in full and in light of this we do not accept personal cheques for final payment.


The agreed service cost of the goods includes all reasonable fitting alterations. Joanna’s Bridal reserves the right to charge additionally for all non-reasonable alterations which may include excessive weight loss or gain and pregnancy. You must contact us as soon as you become aware of any changes which may affect the fit of your garment.

We recommend you purchase your bra/underwear as soon as possible and you must wear it to all fittings as different shapes, styles and age can affect the shape of your body, particularly in the bust.

Adjustments to Design

Reasonable adjustments can be made to the agreed design providing Joanna’s Bridal deems such requests as reasonable, given the factors covered by this contract. In the event that such a request is deemed unreasonable, Joanna’s Bridal shall draw up a new contract upon termination of the old contract (see below) and the customer shall be responsible for any new deposit that may or may not need to be paid. It must also be noted that the design provided is an illustrative representation of the finished garment for the purposes of this contract and for ongoing reference throughout the contract period. You will be consulted throughout the design and construction process and you must be honest with me at fittings to ensure your commission progresses smoothly.


In the event that the customer wishes to terminate the contract, notification must be received in writing. The point of termination will determine whether you will be expected to pay towards the amount of work completed. Termination within twelve weeks of your wedding/ event will require full payment of your outstanding balance, whether or not you collect the garment(s) ordered.

In the event that the service provider needs to terminate the contract as a result of illness, injury or death written notification will be made to the customer and the customer shall be entitled to a refund of all monies paid which may or may not include all or part of the deposit.

You have a 14 day cooling-off period to cancel your order entirely and receive the deposit back.


Due to the nature of our work, we reserve the right to pass reasonable cost increases of fabrics and

components onto the customer. However, we will in the first instance advise you the customer.

We reserve the right, if fabrics become unavailable, to substitute fabrics of equal value or better quality.


All design work produced remains the property of Joanna's Bridal and cannot be copied, reused or resold without written consent from Joanna's Bridal.

Long Distance Commissions

I will take on commissions where it is impractical for the customer to attend fittings. In such circumstances, Joanna’s Bridal will make the required garments to the agreed measurements, but this does not guarantee a perfect fit and Joanna’s Bridal takes no responsibility in such instances.

Please see our Classic Collection and Delivery Policies.

Terms and conditions - Bespoke items

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